Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey everyone its been a long time since my group Bonus Stage Marathons has put on a marathon and we want to put on the best one we ever have this time around. Are goal is to play through as many DC Comic related video games in the 72 hour period along with some fun stuff along the way. This is our 12th marathon and we have raised over $10,000 during those marathons combined but I am hoping to take it to another level this time around. The charity for the marathon will be announced very soon just working out some details for the paypal and such and when its set I will update this.

As for the games and other fun stuff I will list everything I know we are doing below this but for the fun stuff we are doing a Injustice Tournament amongst the members here at Bonus Stage as well as doing the main story of it.

We will be doing a chat interactive run of Scribblenauts Unmasked. Also once we reach a certain donation goal we will be doing Superman 64 being played by me in full.
List of Games
Batman Games:
 Arkham Asylum
Arkham City
Arkham Origins
Batman - NES
Batman - Sega Gensis
Batman Forever - Sega Genesis
Batman Return of the Joker - NES
Batman Returns - NES
Batman Returns - SNES
Lego Batman 1
 Lego Batman 2 

Superman Games:
Superman 64
Superman - NES
Death and Return of Superman - SNES

Aquaman - Gamecube
Catwoman - PS2 of Xbox
The Flash - GBA
 Others may be added and some may change if need be.

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