Friday, February 21, 2014

Charity for the DC Comic Marathon

Honestly out of all the time and work that goes into putting together these marathons one of the hardest things to do is pick the charity we donate the money to. This process takes me quite awhile usually to figure out and pick one that I think we can all get behind and support. So after hours of researching I have come up with the charity

Mental Illness effects just about everyone in one way or another if not through themselves then through a friend, partner, or parent. Its something that hits very close to home for me and my own family and even myself. Mental Illness covers a huge amount of diseases and issues from Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression, Autism, Suicide and many more. The Brain and Behavior Research Fund is dedicated to giving grants to scientists around the world to help treat, diagnose, and cure mental illness in all forms. For that I have chosen them as the charity for the 72 DC Comic Video Game Marathon. Lets do our best to help cure mental illness.


  1. allow me to do superman the arcade

  2. The Long Beach 5k and 10k marathon is all about Team Spirit! Teams are made up of individuals...a group of friends, family members or coworkers, fundraising to support breast and ovarian cancer programs at Long Beach Memorial's Todd Cancer Institute. Join the 15th Annual Team Spirit Long Beach 5k and 10K marathon and help put an end to breast and ovarian cancer today! To start a team, simply start spreading the word! A small team consist of 5-15 members. A large team consist of 16+ members. Prizes for top fundraising teams will be awarded in each size level for 2014 Teams. We will give additional prizes out for the top individual fundraiser and the most spirited individual.