Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey everyone Bonus Stage Marathons is back to kick ass and raise money. This time we enter the hellish world of Silent Hill easily one of the most interesting game series of all time and one of my personal favorites. We will be playing ever Silent Hill game over the course of 72 hours and getting a large amount of the endings in all the games as well. This is gonna be a lot of fun with trivia and prize giveaways hopefully more so then we have ever done before. Be sure to tell everyone you know!!!! Game List Silent Hill 1 Good Ending and Ufo Ending Silent Hill 2 As many endings as we can however Dog and UFO are a must. Silent Hill 3: Both Endings and UFO Ending Silent Hill 4: Best Ending if possible Silent Hill 5 Homecoming Silent Hill Origins: Ending and UFO Ending Silent Hill Shattered Memories: UFO Ending Silent Hill Downpour: Silent Hill Gameboy Advance Drama

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