Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Fantasy Marathon is Over!!

Hey everyone it was another fantastic weekend of Marathon action from us at Bonus Stage Marathons. For the 7th time in 7 tries we reached our goal and then some for this marathon. Thank you to everyone so so so so much for donating to help Autism. Of course without you guys we couldn't do what we did. While we didn't beat all eight games we played we beat 7 out of the 8 and heck as a bonus did do the final battle and ending for Final Fantasy 7 and most of Disc 1. This marathon was a big big big success and I am thrilled with how it went. We will work on some of the mic issues we had mainly the new mic being so powerful it picked up way to much sound which was a first for us. Our next marathon is gonna be our biggest one yet and will be THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While other marathon groups have done Zelda to death non have done it like we plan to. We will be playing every Zelda game possible THIS INCLUDES THE CD-I GAMES!!!! We also plan to do a Ocarina of Time Speed Run Contest with up to four runs going at once!!! The date for the marathon will be set soon after I get a chance to figure out any scheduling problems. Anyway have a great day and hope to see you all again next marathon!! Peace!


  1. Is it possible to see videos of this after-the-fact? Or only live on Ustream?

  2. aaaaaaand where would that be?