Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thank You The Disney Marathon was Huge Success

Thank you everyone who attended, watched, chatted, and most importantly donated to our most successful marathon we have ever put on. We reached not only are first goal of $1250 but we ended up raising more money then we ever have beating our Dragon Quest marathon and raising $1565!!!!!!!!!! Our next marathon has been chosen and it will be April 28th - May 1st and it will be Classic Final Fantasy featuring Final Fantasy 1 - 7 including Mystic Quest. We will be raising this for Autism and will decide the charity in the months leading up to the marathon. Once again thank you guys so much for everything it was a blast!


  1. Your banner says MMX, which is 2010... I'll assume you're actually meaning for it to be MMXI?

  2. Just please make sure the autism charity isn't one of those crackpot organizations that believe vaccinations cause autism.