Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Details so far for Disney Marathon

I know some people have been wondering what is gonna get played during the marathon and its time you find out some of the details.

Disney Capcom Games for NES
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
Chip and Dale 1
Chip and Dale 2
Little Mermaid
Tail Spin
Ducktales 2
Darkwing Duck
Mickey Mousecapade

Goof Troop SNES
Lion King SNES
Aladdin SNES
Aladdin Genesis
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse SNES
Toy Story SNES
Toy Story 2 N64
Toy Story 3 Wii or 360
Mickeys Ultimate Challenge SNES
Kim Possible 1 - 3 GBA
Kingdom Hearts 1
Kingdom Hearts 2
Epic Mickey

and more to be added

Also we have some great prizes for the Marathon the top donater will get our logo poster signed by everyone in the group. As for the prizes we are giving away some awesome Disney Plushes a Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Snow White. We also have a awesome Epic Mickey Poster to give away. We want to raise the most money we ever have but we need tons of help from you guys.

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