Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dragon Quest Marathon is complete

The Dragon Quest Marathon has come to a end and it was by far our biggest marathon to date. We raised well over our expected goal of $500 tripling it with $1520 raised during the marathon for Frisky's Wildlife Sanctuary! Without all of you who helped by donating and watching this would not have been possible. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! We hope you enjoyed and hope to see you all back for our Sonic Marathon which will be 72 hours from July 8th - 11th starting at 7pm est.

Special Thanks goes out to Breakdown from Speed Demos Archive for promoting us on the front page hopefully you will do so again for our Sonic one.

Ryan aka Poxnor - For donating a ton of money thank you so much!!!
Obi_Wannabe for donating and Modding
Iron Fury for making the trailer, Modding, Promoting.
CrimofAzureSky - For donating a ton as well
And everyone else who donated thank you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!!

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  1. Until Our Sonic Marathon come check out our Youtube Channels.

    Fayt's Channel-

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