Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dragon Quest Marathon Details

Well the date has changed for the marathon it will now be April 8 - 11th instead of the 9th - 12th. We will be playing through as many of the Dragon Quest games as we can during the course of the weekend. We have already set up who is playing what games at the moment.

Dragon Quest / Warrior 1 - Cornshaq
Dragon Quest / Warrior 2 - Tails
Dragon Quest / Warrior 3 - Alen he will be showing the intro then loading his save so he doesn't have to try and create his characters then and can have them ready to go which will save an hour or more of time.
Dragon Quest / Warrior 4 - Valis
Dragon Quest 5 - Cornshaq
Dragon Quest 6 - Cornshaq
Dragon Quest 7 - Tails
Dragon Quest 8 - Fayt / Nacke

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